Thursday, 31 October 2013

Easiest Ever Bread and Butter Pudding

Soo…. my biggest cock up on this was that I got halfway through this before remembering to take any pictures… yeah… I'm a genius.

I actually really hate bread pudding - I had some at school once and just found it disgusting. But the Boyfriend is a fan, so for a treat for him I decided to make some.

It basically involved cutting bread into triangles and putting custard on it.

The recipe I used called for fresh custard, but being me, I just used Ambrosia.

I then had to add some milk.

And mixed it all together, which was pretty disgusting. The bread didn't stir easily with the spoon, so I just had to get my hands in there.

Then basically pour it into a tub and put some raisins on it.

When the bread and butter pudding was cooked, I sprinkled the top with sugar and grilled it for a couple of minutes to caramelise and crisp it up.

Then served. With ice-cream, though the Boyfriend wanted custard. Many of my Facebook friends agreed with him in this regard, but I didn't see the point of having custard with a pudding that was ninety percent custard?? He seemed to enjoy it though, and I had a piece and didn't find it absolutely horrible, so yay!

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