Thursday, 8 November 2012

Disaster Kitchen Hiatus

Someone asked the other day why I hadn't done a Disaster Kitchen post in a while. In part this was to do with going back to work, but things have developed lately.

You see, at the moment my kitchen is a disaster. Quite literally.

We're having some building work done on the back of the house - render removal and replacement, new windows etc. For ages it was a waiting game for everything to start. Our furniture was piled up, turning our dining room into an elaborate game of Jenga, and we were psyched, ready for the disruption and the mess.

Then we were waiting a bit longer for a builder, then the job took longer, then the windows came, then they started late, then AAARRRRRGGGHH!

Fortunately, things are progressing nicely now. Of course, that means my kitchen is filthy, the sink covered with a wooden board, every surface sealed with a layer of brick dust.

Yes, that is daylight you can see through the side of my house.

My romantic dining room...

Cleaning the hob ahead of cooking tea - it still stunk when I turned it on.

So, while this work is still in progress (and I honestly don't know how long it's going to be until it's finished) I will be living on a diet of macaroni cheese and microwave meals. I find it hard to get inspired to cook at the best of times, but when I daren't touch ANYTHING in my kitchen, it gets a bit harder.

I am not gone permanently, though. Soon I will be back burning stuff, measuring things wrong, exploding stuff in the microwave in the way only I do quite so effectively.

Until then!